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ICCA vs. State of Illinois

The Illinois Craft Cannabis Association (ICCA) filed suit against the State of Illinois on Monday, October 12, 2020 to compel the State of Illinois to issue overdue craft licenses and provide relief to the craft cannabis grower, infuser, and transporter applicants that are badly suffering. The Press Release is below.

2020-10-15 ICCA Press Release - ICCA v S
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ICCA, together with its counsel, met with the State last week but those discussions did not provide satisfactory clarity or timing of the State's plan to issue licenses or provide relief to applicants.  The craft community is bleeding an estimated $5 million per month and has been struggling to retain property, zoning, and staff during this State's prolonged and unnecessary delays.

ICCA is a member-founded, member-led, business-focused association for Illinois craft cannabis grower, infuser, and transporter licensees, applicants, and prospective applicants.  We are rapidly growing and are keenly focused on research, education, and advocacy, cultivating a diverse, equitable, sustainable, and professional craft cannabis sector that ensures quality and choice for Illinois consumers.  The interests of the craft community are unique and we believe the community is stronger together as we grow the Illinois cannabis industry.  The complaint filed in the State of Illinois Chancery Court in Cook County is below.

2020-10-13 ICCA v State of Illinois et a
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