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ICCA v State of Illinois, et al, Litigation and Lame Duck Legislative Update 01-15-2021

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

An update on ICCA's lawsuit against the State of Illinois and last week's Lame Duck legislative session. ICCA filed a request with Judge Walker last week to appeal his ruling against our Mandamus. An appeal is not automatic and requires the Judge’s approval. Our next court hearing is January 19, we will share details as soon as they are available.

ICCA's legal team has also filed for discovery with the State and Department of Agriculture (DoA). This includes a request for document production and questions in the form of interrogatories. This will require the Governor and head of DoA to disclose documents (e.g., email) as well as answer uncomfortable questions related to the craft process.

The Governor failed in the Legislature last week during the Lame Duck session to produce any solution to his epic dispensary and craft debacles, despite having months to prepare. While the Senate passed a bill just before the end of session providing a remedy for dispensary applicants, the House failed to pass it. The Governor has lost friends across the spectrum including, but not limited to in the Legislature. He has demonstrated yet again that he and his administration are ineffective and need 'help' if social equity, craft cannabis is going to move forward in Illinois.

ICCA, with our community, will continue to pressure the Governor to advance the craft process, independent of dispensaries, and to immediately issue any third round of craft deficiencies and craft licenses. We also believe the State must provide relief given the extraordinary harm suffered by applicants and given the delays are due to the Governor and his administration's intentional inaction.

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