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Get Involved!

ICCA has many ways people within the cannabis community can become involved in our community.  Currently only Craft Grow, Tranporter and Infuser applicants can be official members.   

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Membership is reserved for those who have applied for a craft grow, transporter, or infuster license.   Members have access to confidential updates, educational webinars, and events to further interests of the community.

Construction Workers

Industry Vendors

If your business supports the cannabis community today, ICCA wants to connect with you!  You can stay up to date on our efforts, and have an opportunity to connect to our members.

News Cameras

General Community

Our general community members are looking to stay informed on ICCA's efforts in the cannabis community.  This may include media, those looking to get into the cannabis industry, and other interested parties.

Join our community and receive ICCA news!

Join our community and receive ICCA news!

Become an ICCA Member today!

* Note membership is currently free.  ICCA will reassess paid membership post license award.

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