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What We Do



The Illinois Craft Cannabis Association (ICCA) conducts and crowd-sources research from the community, curating market intelligence and best practices for actionable insight for the craft community.  For example, ICCA publishes insights on:

  • Illinois consumers and dispensaries

  • Vendors providing facility construction, grow operations, and security

  • Professional services for legal, regulatory, lab testing, and banking


The ICCA supports the community by providing practical education that contributes to the growth and success of craft cannabis businesses such as:

  • Starting a craft cannabis businesses

  • Designing a craft grow facility

  • Financial modeling for a profitable craft cannabis business

  • Fund raising in craft cannabis companies

In addition to educational sessions and materials, ICCA is partnering to provide training programs to build the talent needed for this fast-growing craft cannabis sector.


We serve to amplify the voice of the craft cannabis community, ensuring that the unique needs of craft growers, infusers, and transporters throughout Illinois are heard. We engage in advocacy by formulating opinion and position papers and engaging those with a need to know.


For example, we:

  • Collect and share key economic development indicators for the craft cannabis sector, tracking and measuring job creation, sales revenue contributed, and income generation

  • Develop consumer advocacy insights, highlighting how the craft cannabis sector meets the unique needs of Illinois consumers

  • Support consumer engagement by providing education on the benefits of engaging with the craft cannabis sector.


We strongly suggest our members contact their Illinois State Representative.  Our livelihoods will continue to be damaged by the state's dismissiveness of ICCA members and all craft grower, infuser, and transporter applicants.  We STRONGLY encourage you to contact your representative on as many channels as you can.  

To get started, find who is your house and state representative here in both the place you live and where your property is located. 


Click on the word document icon to review our starter letter.  Feel free to add your own story to emphasize the impact this failure is having on you, your team and your community. 

Then email, mail or even call your Representatives to bring a voice to the challenges craft growers, infusers and transporter applicants are facing. 

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