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Our Mission

The Illinois Craft Cannabis Association (ICCA) is an independent, non-profit organization that serves the Illinois craft cannabis sector focused on craft growers, infusers, and transporters.  Our mission is to cultivate a diverse, equitable, sustainable, and professional craft cannabis sector that ensures quality and choice for Illinois consumers.
We are member-founded, member-led, and

Who We Serve


Craft grower license-holders, applicants and prospective applicants 


Infusion license-holders, applicants and prospective applicants


Transportion license-holders, applicants, and prospective applicants

Why Craft Cannabis

The Craft Cannabis sector in Illinois was created by the Adult Use Act in 2019 to:

Ensure Illinois consumers have choice and quality in cannabis products, which has not been fully served by traditional cannabis companies

Create a strong supply of craft cannabis cultivars, plants, and products backed by growers and infusers who take pride in creating artisanal products

Provide opportunities for equitable, independent and diverse business ownership in the Illinois market

To share wealth in the cannabis industry, ensuring the needs of discerning consumers are met by a class of creative craft innovators, growers, and infusers

Our Principles


Choice & Quality.  Cannabis consumers, both recreational and medicinal, should have diversity of choice with high quality, reliable, sustainable products tailored for their unique needs.


Stronger Together.  The craft cannabis community stands together to support each other by sharing practical know-how, best practices, and consumer intelligence to create a thriving, flourishing ecosystem.


Buy & Live Illinois.  We support Illinois-based businesses and are committed to growing the vibrant community of craft growers, infusers, transporters.

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